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    Saturday, July 31, 2004

    Nomar May Not Be Smiling Soon

    Nomar sits after a day off. That is not good.
    Manager Terry Francona held SS Nomar Garciaparra out of Friday night's lineup with soreness in his right heel. Garciaparra missed Boston's first 57 games because of right Achilles' tendinitis.
    ``He's just a little sore,'' Francona said. ``We're just going to try to manage this and get him back on the field as soon as we can.'
    ' Garciaparra said it was too early to tell if he would feel well enough to play on Saturday.
    ``I'm hoping I'm back tomorrow in some way,''
    Garciaparra said
    In Some way? How many days off does a sore achilles' need unless you tore your sheath.
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    Charles Bronson Arroyo Gets Some

    Sox Tank Twinkies 8-2

    Awesome,'' catcher Jason Varitek said of Arroyo's performance. ``One of his better outings. ... We needed that.''
    Arroyo finally gets a win as Kapler and Varitek Score some runs for the run deprived picture.
    Bronson was amazing tonight," Kapler said
    The Sox have now won four of their last 5 games but are still 7.5 games out of the AL East.
    Box Score

    Thursday, July 29, 2004

    That's Fine

    A-Rod and Varitek Get 4 games
    As well as fines of an undisclosed amount. Trot Nixon and Gabe Kapler get away with a three game suspension. Curt Schilling and David Ortiz were simply fined. You can expect Nixon to not appeal since he is still injured. Kapler and Varitek will probably appeal and then drop their appeal when the Red Sox management deems that they can get by with out them.

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    Kerry Takes The Mound Tonight

    As he accepts his DNC nomination.
    Next up
    Arroyo in the Twin Cities 8pm Friday.
    We're going to Minnesota; we have a big road trip ahead of us, but we're confident right now, we feel good about ourselves. We just have to play good baseball, get a day off [Thursday] and come in Friday night and swing the bats."
    -- Red Sox first baseman Kevin Millar
    Swing the bats just like you guys did Wednesday? Lets hope not.

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    Wednesday, July 28, 2004

    Ace in a Hole

    Sox Drown 4-1 in Baltimore.
    Javy Lopez wrecks Schilling's shop and took him yard twice.
    "What can I say about that except it's a great feeling?" Lopez said.
    "Officer" Dave Brokowski some how out pitched the big Schilling.
    "Dave was awesome," Schilling said. "It was a game where I was going to have to outpitch him, and it didn't happen. Our offense generally scores a lot of runs for everybody. But he pitched a fantastic game tonight."
    It was an efficent game all around, which was aided by a free swinging Sox line up.
    "Just a bad game for us," said Red Sox center fielder Johnny Damon. "I'm not sure if they walked a batter or anything, that just goes to show you that we were swinging out of the zone a little bit, therefore it's a quicker game."

    Box Score

    Tuesday, July 27, 2004


    Baltimore got 4 runs off of Wakefield, but they will be wiped clean as the game was not offical and ended in a PPD after just 4 innings. Damone and Kapler will also have to kiss good bye to an RBI each, but no long balls were lost.

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    Millar Finds Groove and AL Player of the Week

    It was no secret that Millar was playing like a Japanese ball player for almost a year now.
    I got out of my coma," Millar said. "I mean, I was in a coma for 2 1/2 months."
    Um, more like a year KFC boy, but it appears that a change in his stance has been a revitalization tonic.
    I just went into the cages and opened my stance up and it's allowed me to throw my top hand, because I'm a pull hitter and I just wasn't bringing that top hand through,' so opening my stance up really has helped out. [Curt] Schilling told me, '[Cal] Ripken played 3,000 games. He had 20 different stances, so it's time for you to make an adjustment.' So I did and it worked."
    The change in stance has produced sexy results on and off the field. This week (as predicted by The Boston Blogger)Millar was named AL Player of the week... well, co-player of the week with Tejada.
    That's awesome," said Millar. "Me and Tejada, wow. I'm not a good enough player to be in there."
    You are right again Kevin.

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    Pedro Gets W and Tweaked Hip

    Sox Beat Baltimore 12-5, make it three in a row but stay at 7.5 games back with an extra inning Yankee victory. While the Pedro of old is cleary gone the new Pedro who is old is becomeing more consistant and regaining some of his ace stature. It looks like Schilling and Martinez will be in contention for the AL Cy Young award.
    I just tried to be aggressive. It's not like I did the best job,'' Martinez said. ``You just go right after them and try to make things happen. This time we didn't give them a chance.''
    A rain soaked mound did not make for stable ground for Pedro as he appeared to slip in the 7th inning and could have tweaked his hip.
    I think I'm going to be OK. I don't think that I'll miss an outing," he said. "Tomorrow I'll see how I feel."

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    Monday, July 26, 2004

    I'll Vote for More Baseball Like This

    Sox and Lowe Make it Two in a Row
    At seven and a half games back the Sox are revitalized after taking two out of three from the Yankees. It was a series not to be forgotten. Millar who was in a year long slump has seeming broke out of it as he has been the player of the game for each of the past three games.  It is not unusual for Red Sox players to give high fives to the fans in the expensive seats right next to the dug out, and last night was no difference as John Kerry congratulated Millar after his solo homer.
    He was fired up," Millar said. "I was just high-fiving the fans and his hand was the last one."
    With 14 hits and 11 RBI in the last seven days, look for Millar to be named the AL player of the week.
    We got the feeling back last night," Millar said. "We had to get that swagger back that we had last year."

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    Nixon Back on the DL after Fracas

    Easy come easy go. Trot Nixon heads to the DL 1 day after a bench clearing brawl with the Yankees.
    "It's beyond sore," said Nixon. "Just from what Dr. Morgan told me, it's a Grade 2 tear. I thought things were getting better and last time we were in New York, I thought it was that scar tissue was breaking up. I kept wondering why it was blood and all this stuff, like defying the laws of gravity, why is it going back up my leg? My leg feels like a rock sometimes, my quad does, it's so hard in there, there's so much fluid and blood."

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    Sunday, July 25, 2004


    Sox win it 11-10 off a Mueller 9th inning HR in a game for the ages.
    Bill Mueller caps off a ridicules day at fenway with a walk off dinger. The Sox are practically in no better situation today then they were yesterday (still 8.5 games out, but any time Tek gives A-Rod a smack down you have to feel good about yourself. It was the game of the season and it was nearly meaningless in the standings, but the Sox were pissed entering the game and it showed.
    I'm not sure if fighting for the pennant is an indication of how hard you play," said manager Joe Torre. "This could have happened if we were both at .500."

    The game had the feel of last years season, some high points followed by a demoralizing loss, except this time the final act was different.
    What a difference a swing makes," said Boston manager Terry Francona, who had been ejected in the fifth. "We didn't quit."

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    Saturday, July 24, 2004

    EAT IT

    Charles Bronson Arroyo drills last nights Sox spoiler A-Rod, a fracas ensued and Tek money got into the highest paid players face quick fast and in a hurry.
    Both Tek and A-Rod got tossed.
    There have been several mental mistakes in this game by the Red Sox" Said Jerry Trupiano

    Done and Done

    No time for Millar Time
    All signs point to wild card.. If we are lucky.
    After three Millar homeruns (not a typo) the sox get Foulked by their closer once again. Schilling didn't get the win or the lose, but he was pissed and nearly cried after the game.
    We were tenacious. We played with intensity," Schilling said. "If we play like we played tonight, every night for the rest of the season, we're going to go to the World Series."

    Foulke... What the Foulke!?
    I made a couple of pitches you shouldn't make in this ballpark," said Foulke, who has blown four of his last seven save chances. "You've got to take the wall out of play."

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    Friday, July 23, 2004

    I Love you Manny

    Red Sox Yankees Enough Said

    There's still a number of games for us," Damon added. "(The Yankees) are coming in for three. It's a good time for us to start. We can't wait much longer."

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    Thursday, July 22, 2004

    Ahkhuna Tejada

    SOX WIN 4-0

    "That was awesome," said Red Sox manager Terry Francona. "We needed this like you can't believe. He really gutted it out."
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    Nice Picture Abe

    Abe Alvarez takes the mound for game one of the double header with Baltimore on Thursday.

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    Wednesday, July 21, 2004

    Inconsistent Nation

    The new old Pedro returns as Martinez gives up a season high 8 earned runs. Sox lose 10-5.
    "I don't know," Martinez said when asked to explain Baltimore's recent success against him. "I guess you have to give them credit. There's no other way to explain it. Let it go, and say Pedro gave it up. That's pretty much it. Pedro got shelled."

    Yes you did Pedro, Yes you did, to the tune of about 1 million dollars. How does that make you feel
    "I felt like I made some pretty good pitches," Martinez said. "They just got to it."

    Box Score

    Pokey On the DL with a case of "No Bat-itis"

    Reese to the DL Youkilus back up to the show.

    "I think he did it on a swing a couple days ago in the cage," manager Terry Francona said prior to the game. "He might have tweaked it [on a throw Monday night]. He wanted to stay in the game, but then he threw and realized he couldn't."

    Reese strained a rib-cage muscle during batting practice several days ago. He played Monday night against Seattle but left in the third inning after experiencing pain in his right side.

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    The Big Boys Get it Done

    Manny and Ortiz: Dueling Ding Dongs
    Sox Win 9-7
    Sox Post a snow man in the 4th to give Lowe some breathing room, and another start in the rotation. Lowe lasts only 5 innings and gives up 4 earned runs. That is not what they call in the business a quality start.
    "Throwing an inning like that together is huge," manager Terry Francona said following the victory. "If you can put a crooked number up you've got a great chance of winning. Today's a perfect example of that. That was our one inning. It was enough, barely, but it was enough."
    Foulke doesnt' Foulke up the 9th for a change
    "The team bounced back," closer Keith Foulke said. "They put up a lot of runs. That's what we need to do a lot more.I felt better today than I did yesterday,I wasn't fighting myself mechanically and it was easier to throw."


    Tuesday, July 20, 2004

    Boone Yaa!

    Boone's 11th inning gland slam ruined Arroyo's Seattle Mojo. Bronson Arroyo pitched yet another gem, but this time (like many other times) his team mates let him down. Arroyo struck out 12 and allowed only 1 run over seven innings.
    "He just had a real deceiving curve ball; it just kept going," Boone said of Arroyo. "I think especially right-handers he was particularly tough on. It seemed like the pitch was there, you were going to smoke it and then it just disappeared. He did a real good job with that pitch."

    Keith Foulke also know as the closer left the door open for a Seattle victory.

    "The way I'm pitching I couldn't be more disappointed in myself," Foulke said. "The team puts us in position to get this game tonight and I go out and give up two jacks in the ninth inning, it's just terrible, absolutely brutal."

    Curtis Leskanic was tagged with the loss, and Johnny Damon has short term memory loss.
    "It's the worst game we've played all year," center fielder Johnny Damon said following the loss. "This is a bad feeling. We had many opportunities. There should have been a lot more runs. We were just awful."

    Box Score

    Monday, July 19, 2004

    Is Bronson the Real Deal?
    Bronson Arroyo pitched eight shutout innings on Friday against the Rangers. He allowed just three hits and matched a season-high with seven strikeouts. It was his first win since May 15 can he have another quality outing?

    No Seattle player has faced Arroyo more than four times. Bret Boone is 2-for-4 lifetime against Arroyo ... The Sox have won seven of their last 10 games. ... Boston brings a 20-25 road record into Seattle.
    Bronson and the Sox take on Seattle Mariners for a rare Monday night game at 10pm. Bronson faces Villone who is 3-2 with a 3.31 ERA. Vegas favors Bronson Arroyo and the Sox simple because Seattle sucks.

    Ortiz Goes Off Again...

    ....this time with his bat in hand.
    Sox Fork Angles 6-2

    A well rested and pain killer free Schilling puts his ankle and his reputation to the test.
    "That's not pressure, that's expectation. You get that through production," Schilling said. "People wouldn't be expecting me to win if I hadn't done it before. That's part of the pride I take in doing my job. I expect that we should win on the days I pitch. And if we don't, then I've done something tremendously wrong."

    Manny sat out once again from his injured hamstring, but that didn't stop Big Pappy from getting the job done.
    "He's been huge," Schilling said of Ortiz, who has 25 homers and a league-leading 83 RBIs. "And we're playing without Manny right now. That's a huge hole. For the first couple of innings today, it almost looked like [Bengie Molina's] home run was going to stand up. I believe, with this offense, if you can keep the game close through six, this team's going to find a way."

    David's homer put him one behind Manny's league leading 26 ding dongs for the season. Manny and Ortiz have combined for more offense then any other two team mates in baseball.

    With the win Schilling gets his 12th victory of the season, and now leads the Sox in Wins, ERA, and Strikeouts.

    Tonight Arroyo will see if he can get some better luck and prove he belongs in the rotation more than Lowe does. Game time 10:05.
    Box Score

    Saturday, July 17, 2004

    Well Rested Pedro Tosses a Quality Start

    Pedro strikes out 8 and allows only 2 runs over 6 innings; however he walked 4 and gave up a solo home run to Jose Guillen in the fourth.
    "I don't remember the last time I threw 50-some balls in a game. But the truth of the matter is that we won the game and the rest of it doesn't really matter,"
    said Martinez, who threw only 63 of his 115 pitches for strikes. Martinez did hit mid 90s on the radar gun early and often.
    "I felt like I could click 95 easy today, and I wasn't too far from the strike zone -- even though the results might show something else."
    The win marks Pedro's sixth straigh decision victory.
    With Manny on the bench (untill Ortiz got tossed in the 6th) Kapler filled in admirably as he hit a key insurance homer in the 8th and stole a base hit with a shoe string catch in the 9th of Foulke closed it out.
    Nomar also went yard with a solo shot for his 5th HR of his shortened season.

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    Ortiz Goes Batty

    Ortiz loses his shit after what looked to be a good strike call, gets tossed, and then tosses two bats in the direction of two umpires.
    Why did you do it David?
    If you saw Pedro's pitches, they were more than close, and nobody gave it to him. And if you don't call those pitches for Pedro, you shouldn't call that pitch against me," Ortiz said
    Francona had to wrestle Ortiz away from home plate umpire Matt Hollowell. Once tossed and pushed towards the dug out by Red Sox hands Ortiz then tossed two bats underhand towards two other field umpires. The bats bounced as one umpire had to move out of the way of being hit as the other stood his ground and was nearly hit.
    "That's not my personality. I don't mean to hit anybody, I just wanted to throw my bats out there, like, `Here, you hit for me.' I'm not a kind of guy who's trying to cause trouble, but we're not perfect. I did something wrong, and I apologize to the umpires and the fans. It's over."
    Is it over? A suspension will certainly follow.

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    All Star Hammy

    Why did Manny play in the all star game if he can't play in Friday nights game against the Angles?
    He sat out the game prior to the All Star game, played in Houston on Tuesday, DH-ed on Thursday, then sat out on Friday. Did this 2 run shot in Houston agrivate his hamstring? Is Manny flexing his star power (al la Pedro) and getting some mid-season rest?
    Why did you play in a "meaningless" game Manny?
    "I got voted," Ramirez said. "Every time you get voted, you're supposed to be there."

    Francona why did you DH him yesterday?
    "I think Manny thought he was going to come back and feel good," said Francona. "But since he didn't ... when we turn him into a DH, it affects our team. Nobody would rather have his bat in there then me. But again, it just affects us too much."

    With Kapler playing left and hitting a rare HR, and a 9th inning catch that a healthy manny would probably not catch, hammy gate 2004 will remain quiet for now.
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    Friday, July 16, 2004

    The Road Worriers at it Again

    Red Sox road record drops to 18-24 (that aint gonna cut it).
    Red Sox pitching gives up 16 hits as Sox bats get only 4.
    Lowest point ever?
    Damon's streak fails to make the trip.

    Boston Red Sox's pitcher Curtis Leskanic reacts after giving up a two run homer to Anaheim Angels' Darin Estad during the sixth inning at Angel Stadium in Anaheim, Calif., on Thursday, July 15 , 2004.

    Were Boston's bats asleep or did Washburn pitch a gem?
    "He's been doing that to me my entire career," Damon said. "He's not afraid of anything. We didn't swing the bats too well tonight, but that could be because he was able to throw his fastball everywhere. I think he might have started throwing a split-finger, and we haven't seen that too much from him."

    The Sox sloppy play in the field was apparent again from who other than WB Mason....err Kevin Millar. Millar was in place to catch a short blooper near the third base line but let the ball drop at his feet. The Aneheim scorer gave the home team the hit, as the Angles put the first of many runs on the board.
    "Kevin's not the fleetest of foot, we all know that. But he gives you what he has," Francona said. "He got to the line, looked like he gave one glance at the end, and that probably did him in. The infielders were playing in because they respected Figgins' speed, so they had a long way to go."

    Lowe offcialy sucks as he raised his ERA to 5.67 and lowered his record to 7-9

    "Every inning, I think he averaged about 25 pitches," said Sox manager Terry Francona. "That's tough going, I mean, right from the get-go. When you've got 100 pitches after five, and this was before five, that's a decent indication that something is not the way you drew it up."

    Francona drew up a VERY WELL RESTED Pedro tonight against a 5-5 Escobar at 10pm
    Box Score

    Thursday, July 15, 2004

    Lowe Hopes to High Step into Second Half

    The Sox start the second half on the left coast and need a strong start from Lowe. Lowe who has given up 27 runs in his last 4 starts looks to have a solid start. His last outing he gave up a grand slam to Hank Blalock.
    As frustrating as it was to give up six in the second inning, it was that much more rewarding to see (us) continually score runs," Lowe said.

    The Sox have not played well on the road and they did not play well the last time they played Anaheim.
    "We came back from kind of a dismal road trip and we picked it up like we needed to," Francona said, referring to the Red Sox's five-game winning streak which ended Sunday with a 6-5 loss to Texas. "Now we have the break because they say we're supposed to have the break, come back and we go out to a place where we didn't play very well last time.

    "We played good enough this homestand where we kind of played ourselves back into feeling like we're a decent club," he added. "Now we've got to keep going."
    Lowe and the Sox face Washburn and the Angles at 10pm EST for a 4 game series.

    Theo Calls Randy....

    ...well Randy's agent.

    Nero, a native Rhode Islander in town to watch some of his clients, also represents Randy Johnson, the name on the minds of all of Red Sox Nation.

    The phone rang, and wouldn't you know it, Sox general manager Theo Epstein was on the other end. Nero explained where he was and told Epstein he'd call him later.

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    Monday, July 12, 2004

    And Then They Rest...

    After banging out 5 wins in a row the sox lose a tough one(6-5) to the Rangers and end the home stand 5-1.

    The game ended with Damon (the tieing run) at third as Bellhorn struck out looking at a bad pitch.
    "That was horrendous," Boston manager Terry Francona said. "That doesn't help us now."

    Manny, the difference maker, did not start the game, and it appeared that Schilling had something to say about it to him.

    "We were talking about a lot of things," Schilling said. "A few of us were out there talking. No big deal. We were talking about having a sleepover at Manny's."

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    Sunday, July 11, 2004

    No Limit Texas Hold'Em

    SOX WIN 14-6
    Lowe gave up 6 earned runs in the second, and plays the bluff for a win.
    "As frustrating as it was to give up six in the second inning, it was that much more rewarding to see (us) continually score runs," Lowe said.

    Mark Bellhorn, Nomar Garciaparra, Jason Varitek and Manny Ramirez (twice) went deep off of Texas pitching last night as the Sox rout the Rangers 14-6.
    "I tip my hat to the Red Sox," Rangers manager Buck Showalter said. "They've done that to a lot of good pitchers this year."

    Nomar gets his first HR as a DH, and Damon (now batting .322) has had 15 straight multi hit games.
    "The top of our lineup tonight was unbelievable," Red Sox manager Terry Francona said.

    The Sox have scored 51 runs over the past 5 games.
    Sox Look for their second straight sweep today at 2pm.

    Box Score

    Saturday, July 10, 2004

    Home Cooked Roll

    Sox Make It Four In A Row At Home
    Win 7-0
    Johnny Damon stays red hot and knocks in 2 more home runs during Friday nights win over Texas. Four days after being 3 games out of first place in THE WILD CARD, the Sox take sole possession of the first place spot after sweeping the Athletics and then beating the other wild card contender the Texas Rangers. Damon managed four more hits and four more RBI. Just days after every panic button in town was pressed Damon offers a more relaxed tune.
    "It's going to be a nice race," Damon said. "Our main priority is to take care of ourselves. Go out there and win."

    The Red Sox fifth starter made short work of Texas' "potent" offense. Arroyo pitched 8 full innings and never gave up a run, he also managed to only allow the Rangers 3 hits on the day.
    "Every time you go out you think today's the day," Arroyo said. "I had a really good feeling in Atlanta. I thought that was gong to be the day I would get a win. You keep plugging away. I've been feeling good on the mound, and eventually I knew I was going to get one."


    Friday, July 09, 2004

    Thanks But I'll Sit On My Couch

    Pedro and Schilling Opt Out of All Star Game
    Schilling was voted to the All Star Game and may have started if Torre anointed him.
    "I talked to him today, and I told Curt, because he was very reluctant to say he wasn't able to pitch, we talked and he was sort of relieved that I told him your obligation is to your team," said Torre. "He's been getting treatment on that heel just about every start. He's going to be there. He was thrilled that he was voted. He didn't want to let anybody down. I think it made him feel good that I pretty much said what he was thinking. The season is important. I know the game counts on Tuesday, but your obligation is to your team."

    Pedro was selected to go in Hudson's disabled absence.
    "They told me today, it was just too late," said Martinez. "I would have loved to do it, but I had already made plans. I would have loved to go."

    Full Story

    Athletic Deporters

    Damon scores the game winning run in the tenth inning off of a Bill Mueller hit.
    Solid lead for Schilling was not enough as the All Star Ace struggled with a seven run lead.
    "I thought I made some good pitches," said Schilling. "That last game is the hardest game of the series when you're trying to get a sweep. My goal was to make sure that we were ahead after three innings. Not let them get on the board. I just tried to go out and stay focused and it fell apart so quick. I don't have a reason why other than I didn't execute or they did."

    Mueller who has been a welcome boost since he returned from knee surgery, driving in 6 runs and hitting .455 over the past 7 days.

    "I was just looking to have a good at-bat," said Mueller. "Trying to get a pitch that I could handle and turn it around. Basically, it's that simple."

    Box Score

    Randy Johnson Heading to the Sox?

    Over the past few days, baseball sources have indicated that the Sox are among a handful of teams intent on making a serious pitch for Johnson if and when he is traded from the Arizona Diamondbacks. Other teams are believed to include the Anaheim Angels and, of course, the New York Yankees [stats, schedule], each of whom may have advantages over the Sox in a potential bidding war.

    Full Story

    Thursday, July 08, 2004

    A's Holes

    Red Sox Rout Reloaded
    Sox post an 11 spot for the second night as the A's drop out of first place in an 11-3 loss. The sox now trail the A's by one game in the wild card.
    Damon and Garciaparra picked Pedro up for the Sox second win in a row (the first since June 18th). Can the make it 3 in a row with Schilling tonight? Pedro struck out 7th and gave up 2 earned runs over seven. Nomar and Bellhorn go deep with solo shots to give the Pedro the early lead. Damon continues to be pistol hot, hitting .452 over the past 7 days. Pedro is now on pace for 18 wins this season, which calculates out to be about 970,000 dollars per victory. An 18 win season would keep Pedro a top free agency commodity over the off season, how does that make you feel Pedro?

    "Physically, I feel great," said Martinez. "That's as good news as you can have right now. Going into the second half, I haven't missed a start yet. I feel great going into the second half. I'm getting ready to pick it up in the second half and see what we can do."

    Box Score

    Wednesday, July 07, 2004

    Short Term Memory Loss

    All is forgotten for the time being as Sox rout A's 11-0
    "We were pretty good tonight," said Damon. "We caught the ball, Wake pitched great, got some clutch hitting with runners in scoring position. We did it all tonight."

    Damon had 5 singles last night and now boasts an AVG over .300

    Box Score

    Tuesday, July 06, 2004


    By the end of Tuesday night the Red Sox season will officially be half over. Eight games out of the AL east the Red Sox now change their focus squarely towards the wild card. A race which Oakland heads in the AL west and the wild card in tie for first in both with Texas, the Sox are tied for fourth three games behind the Athletics. Tim Wakefield, who last won a game on May 23, will take the mound tonight against Barry Zito.
    "We're just not playing well enough. There's just so many different things we're doing inconsistently. We're not going to string two wins together until we get on top of both sides of the ball. It comes down to hitting some days, pitching other days. We're going to have to put it together." -- Curt Schilling.

    The last time Sox won two games in a row was June 19th. By and large this is the same team as last year with one big expecting, the Manager. Until now the team’s short comings have been blamed on its injured players. Froncona will not have the crutch for the second half of the season if this healthy team continues to under perform.
    "There's no alternative but to show up Tuesday and fight a little harder and hustle a little more and work a little harder. That's all we can do right now. We can talk about how frustrated we are, because we are. But we've got to play better. We've got to pitch better, we got to manage better, we have to coach better. We have to do everything better." -- Sox manager Terry Francona


    Sunday, July 04, 2004

    WHY ... WHY ME....WHY

    American Idol runner-up Diana DeGarmo sings the national anthem before the Atlanta Braves- Boston Red Sox game, Sunday, July 4, 2004, in Atlanta. (AP Photo/John Bazemore)
    Sox Get Routed in The ATL
    Lowe blows lead in the fifth as the Sox have yet another melt down.
    "The first couple innings, he was nasty," Jones said. "He had a dirty sinker working that made it really tough on us but we got a couple baserunners, got a couple seeing-eye hits, and all of a sudden the sinker started flying out there a little bit."

    The Yankees get swept in NY but the hapless sox can't capitalize.

    "We feel good and then 10 minutes later, the game is out of reach," Francona said. "That can't happen."

    Box Score

    Saturday, July 03, 2004

    The Stopa'

    Sox Break Slump With 6-1 Win In Atlanta
    Box Score

    Hello Buddy

    "Terry Francona is a good friend of mine and I feel bad that I've never talked to him since he took the job," Little said. "I think Terry knew going in that it was a tough job and that you have to make it to the World Series.

    "Once I left, I let it all go," Little said."It was a decision I made and I have to live with it, and I have. I've moved on. It didn't work out, but at the time I felt it was the right thing to do. You can't take it back. I can't change it, but you just move on and do the best you can in the next thing you do with your life."

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    Am I a Dodger Yet?

    `I don't have any kind of statement. I'm going out there and doing my best,'' said Garciaparra, who went 3-for-5 last night to raise his average to .260. ``I'm happy to be playing. I love playing.''

    After taking the most ridiculous day off ever, (against the Yankees, two days after an off day) Nomar goes 3-5 with zero RBI in yet another Red Sox loss.

    Prior to the game last night Sean McDonough and Jerry Remy concluded that the Sox had hit rock bottom. What comes after rock bottom? Only a dead person can withstand another heart breaking extra inning loss and not lose all hope for this team.
    "You've got to let it go," said Sox first baseman David Ortiz. "We need to hang in there, because we played two good games and didn't get nothing out of it. We got to keep battling, bro. We're playing good, it's just not happening, we need to hang in there."

    The Sox only stopper takes the mound tonight

    Box Score

    Friday, July 02, 2004

    This Just In...

    The newest member of Red Sox Nation Tenley Jane Leonard was born just in time (Tuesday) to witness her first Yankees Red Sox series. Thank God she won't remember it.

    Thursday, July 01, 2004

    Ding... Round Four

    Red Sox lead the year long series up 6-4, but it doesn't feel like it.

    8.5 Games Back

    Look Out Below!

    Red Sox drop to 7.5 games back as they come within 4 games of the Devil Rays
    It has become apparent now more than any time in history that the Red Sox are in need of a defensive first baseman. Personally I didn't know there were such a thing.
    Wakefield and the Sox held a 2-0 lead until the seventh inning, when errors and sloppy pitching cost them that lead.

    "In the seventh inning, the wheels kind of fell off," Wakefield said.

    Ortiz was responsible for all of Boston's RBI and one costly 2 run fielding error on a grounder to first.

    "I thought I had it. I was starting to go to first base, and I saw the ball missing. My glove was kind of soft. Maybe that's why it went through," Ortiz said. "We should've won the game."

    With that error what ever momentum the Sox had was all but lost and as the Yankee "slam the door in your face" wheels spun to close out the game and win the series.

    "We had them where we wanted them," said an emotional Terry Francona, Boston's manager. "We had our chances to extend the lead. This is a tough one. It hurts."

    Tonight the Sox will have a chance to climb back to 6.5 games or leave a broom filled Yankee Stadium 8.5 games out of first place in the AL East.

    Pedro vs Hasley Preview