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    Saturday, July 17, 2004

    All Star Hammy

    Why did Manny play in the all star game if he can't play in Friday nights game against the Angles?
    He sat out the game prior to the All Star game, played in Houston on Tuesday, DH-ed on Thursday, then sat out on Friday. Did this 2 run shot in Houston agrivate his hamstring? Is Manny flexing his star power (al la Pedro) and getting some mid-season rest?
    Why did you play in a "meaningless" game Manny?
    "I got voted," Ramirez said. "Every time you get voted, you're supposed to be there."

    Francona why did you DH him yesterday?
    "I think Manny thought he was going to come back and feel good," said Francona. "But since he didn't ... when we turn him into a DH, it affects our team. Nobody would rather have his bat in there then me. But again, it just affects us too much."

    With Kapler playing left and hitting a rare HR, and a 9th inning catch that a healthy manny would probably not catch, hammy gate 2004 will remain quiet for now.
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