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    Monday, June 27, 2005

    For Whom the Error Tolls

    Bellhorn Tolls Arroyo with 3 Runs

    The score was zero to zero, the inning was the forth, and the bases were loaded. There was one out and a picture perfect infield double play ball hit to third. Bellhorn botch the catch as he was preparing to turn the double play and could only watch the ball roll into the outfield with no outs recorded. That error cost Arroyo and the Sox 3 runs.
    Final 123456789RHE
    Cleveland 000310300780

    Sunday, June 26, 2005

    Sweep... Rinse and Repeat

    Grand Slamirez

    The Sox have their best road trip in modern history as they sweep the Indians, and Phillies. They has won a season high seven straight, and 12 out of 13 games. For the first season in modern history the Sox end interleague play on the right side of things with 12-6 record.
    Manny started out slow and we all said it's going to be fun when he gets hot. And he's getting hot.'' --Terry Francona

    David Wells510551325.00

    This just in...
    David Wells still sucks.

    Boston 10151004012151

    Saturday, June 25, 2005

    Can You Feel It?

    The Red Sox are back in first place in the AL East, while the Yankees continue to display a gross misuse of their man power.
    (AP Photo/Ed Betz)

    Thursday, June 23, 2005

    Tivo Update

    Set your TIVO to record "Big Break All=Star Challenge: Boston Red Sox"
    tonight Thursday night or Friday morning at 12:30am. 4 Members of the Red Sox compete in golf challenges for charity. The show airs on the GOLF channel

    You may also want to set it to record Red Sox Rewind on NESN Monday nights at 11:30pm, which features the always entertaining Hazel Mae.

    Wednesday, June 22, 2005

    The Unusual Suspects

    Renteria and Olerud go Deep to Help the Sweep


    AB 5
    R 1
    H 2
    HR 1
    RBI 2


    AB 4
    R 1
    H 3
    HR 1
    RBI 2
    Boston 0010001215122

    Foulke vs Brown

    Keith Foulke has won five games this year
    Kevin Brown has won 4 games this year
    Keith Foulke has lost 3 games this year
    Kevin Brown has lost 6 games this year
    Keith Foulke has pitched 33 innings this year
    Kevin Brown has pitched 65 innings this year
    Keith Foulke's ERA this year is 5.35
    Kevin Brown's ERA this year is 5.48
    Keith Foulke makes 7.5 million dollars this year
    Kevin Brown makes 15.7 million dollars this year

    2 Innings of Real Game to be Played on XBOX

    Manny Ortez Is Back!!!

    For the forth time this year Manny Ortez went YA YA. Oddly enough Ortiz has had multi homer games four times as well. Coincidence? Actually yes.
    The Ortez part of the equation hit two long balls and knocked in 4 runs.
    The Manny part of the equation hit one long ball with two RBI.

    Ortiz never stops -- home run after home run. All my wins come off Ortiz's offense."-- Bronson Arroyo

    Bronson Arroyo (W,6-3) 7411140 4.02

    Bronson Arroyo Post Game Sound

    Boston 2100120129111

    Monday, June 20, 2005

    In Case You Forgot Wells Still Sucks

    David Wells (W,6-4) 51044240 4.73

    Wells would have been chased after just four innings if it wasn't for the 6 spot the Red Sox put on the board in the top of the fifth day. He started the game with a 4.54 ERA and ended it with a 4.73, good job fat ass.

    Damon was taunted by the outfield fans in Cleveland to...
    Get A Haircut"
    Damon had the last laugh as he sent, what turned out to be the game winning homer, (his third of the year) back to his un-adoring fans.

    Baltimore lost Monday and the Sox moved to two games back in the AL East.
    Manny's slump has continued to be absent with another homer as his average crept to .267

    Boston 00036000110131

    On the Road Again

    After playing and winning two series at home the road worriers head to Cleveland and then Philadelphia for 6 road games. "Toggle Switch" Wells starts the series in Ohio tonight, followed by Arroyo vs. Millwood and Miller vs. Cliff Lee.

    , LHP
    2005 stats
    67.1 Innings Pitched 78.1
    5-4 Wins-Losses 5-3
    4.54 Earned Run Average 3.91
    6 Walks 24
    35 Strikeouts 53
    Career vs. opponent
    207.0 Innings Pitched 28.2
    19-4 Wins-Losses 1-2
    3.43 Earned Run Average 3.14

    , LHP

    Vegas has the Sox by a point and a half.

    Saturday, June 18, 2005

    You Could Smell What Was Cooking

    Tim Wakefield77003504.41
    Alan Embree (L,1-4)0.10110007.24
    Matt Mantei0.11001005.64
    Mike Myers0.10000001.88
    John Halama12111006.11

    Last year in the midst of a run for the AL East pennant, when the Sox rattled off 18 wins over 21 games, there was never a long streak of consecutive wins. Five, or Six games, may have been the season high win streak all season long. This year nothing has changed. The Sox rattled off 5 wins in a row seemingly without effort and they might win the next five, but not before a loss Saturday night. If you follow streaks and trends and gut intentions you knew the Sox were going to lose Saturday night.
    It is a wasted effort; we came into this game on a nice high, a nice winning
    streak. They put us back in our place."-- Johnny Damon
    It can't go with out being said that the Red Sox were the last team in the league to be bageled this year.
    Pittsburgh 0000000112101

    Friday, June 17, 2005

    Fogg Horn Bellhorn

    Bellhorn goes one up on the Pirates with a 3 run shot off of Josh Fogg in the second.
    Damon knocks a walkoff single to end the game in the ninth.

    Tek blocks the go ahead run from scoring (in super human fashion) as Manny increases his league leading assist total.

    Boston 0401000016110

    Schilling on the Mound

    Curt Schilling returns from rehab in AZ? Or was it Fan Faire the Everquest convention in Vegas? Either way he tossed off the mound Friday in Boston. Sexy Results? To be continued....
    (AP Photo/Charles Krupa)

    Welcome Back Daubach

    The Dauber, AKA Brian Daubach, The Daubs is back! Back in the bigs, getting his first official at bat of the season with the Red Sox cast off team AKA The Mets. The Dauber who signed one 7 figure contract in his fledgling career signed a much smaller one this year with the Mets after the start of spring training. Two months had past and not even a spot on the bench.
    I didn't doubt my ability, I only doubted my opportunity. When you're in Triple-A, you can look at it as a dead end. I wasn't going to play down there forever. I've made enough money. I knew I could still play in the big leagues. I'm just a survivor, I guess... or old."" --Brian Daubach

    Keep your head on the daubs Dauber. Head on the Daubs.

    The Daubach line
    New York Mets
    Jose Reyes, SS5110011 .259
    David Wright, 3B5111010 .290
    Carlos Beltran, CF5113000 .278
    Cliff Floyd, LF4110000 .283
    Chris Woodward, LF1000000 .296
    Mike Piazza, DH4121100 .264
    Brian Daubach, 1B1200301 .000
    Victor Diaz, RF2100201 .257
    Ramon Castro, C4023003 .245
    Kaz Matsui, 2B4110011 .234

    Thursday, June 16, 2005

    Arroyo Finds Some Mojo

    It's the first time I've felt good throwing the ball (of last 4 starts) Any time you have two good pitches going into the game, it allows you to pitch free and easy."-- Bronson Arroyo

    Bronson Arroyo (W,5-3) 7611280 4.26

    Ramirez now leads the AL with eight outfield assists.
    Boston 00104100x6100

    Wednesday, June 15, 2005

    Man Love

    David Wells and Jim Rice pass air kisses to each other during the post game show on NESN's Extra Innings. The gay jesture came after Wells said he owned Rice when he faced him a few decades ago.

    The Wells Runneth Over

    David Wells (W,5-4) 7100250 4.54

    Wells has had 4 good starts this year. His ERA for those 4 starts is 0.0. Every pitcher would love to have 4 starts with no earned runs factored into their season ERA total. Not only would Wells love to have that, he absolutely NEEDS it. If you remove the 4 abnormally good starts from Wells record this year his ERA would not be the currently chubby 4.54, but a morbidly obese 7.54. Chew on that for a moment.

    Boston 03000220x7100

    Tuesday, June 14, 2005

    Hats off to Manny... Part Deux

    Manny has officially broken out of his year long slump for the second time this year. Okay that is not even possible, but one thing is for certain for the past three nights Manny Ramirez got his groove back. For the first time this year Manny has hit homers in three consecutive games. The only time this season Manny was more productive was when he got out of his slump the first time when the season started. During April 16-18 he hit 4 homers and 11 RBI, the past three days has produced 3 long balls and 6 RBI. Nice but Manny's power numbers have always been there this year (thanks to spurts like these)at the end of the day Manny is still hitting well under .300 (.256) so the year long Manny slump might be broken again some time soon.

    Different Night Same Manny

    Monday, June 13, 2005

    No Team Does It Better

    Hats Off To Manny

    No team does a better job of losing a road series, winning that last game of that series to keep people from jumping off the Zakim Bridge, and then starting off their home stand on the right foot with a win. Instant memory loss of all the teams' problems. Prior to getting swept Theo was talking about trading away the Sox bull pen, two wins later all is well with the world. What has changed?
    I was obliviously wrong about a few things, these guys are better than they have been pitching"-- Theo Epstein backpedaling after his Saturday's comments

    Wakefield was due a win, and Clement did what he has done all year. So basically nothing has changed, and you should feel just as crappy today as you did Saturday, or you should have felt as good as you feel today when you were drinking your problems away on Saturday night.

    Manny hit a ding dong marking going yard in consecutive games for just the third time this year. He now only trails Ortiz by three in the tall jack column.

    Boston 00230500x10160

    Sunday, June 12, 2005

    Where is Your Ring Man?

    At an "undisclosed" location Varitek gave Nomar his World Series ring Friday night. No cameras, No Media, just the way Nomar likes it. Nomar told Chicago writers that the ring does fit, and not much else. He also told Varitek to not talk about the ring exchange because he is such a sensitive freak.

    Theo: My Bad, Time for Changes

    This is my fault. The guys have to play better or we've got to make some changes. I think we've allowed something like (77) runs in our last 10 losses. We're out of games. It's time for changes. Soon."-- Theo Epstein 6/10/05
    The Boston Herald's Tony Massarotti wrote a great article Sunday on the struggling Sox, and what the man behind the cutain plans to do about it.

    Full Story

    Saturday, June 11, 2005

    The Road Worriers

    It is no secret the 2005 Red Sox suck on the road, very much like the 2004 Red Sox, but it would be nice if they could at least beat the teams they are suppose to beat. Of the 12 road series the Red Sox have played they have won just 4 of them. Talk about getting off on the wrong foot, the Red Sox has lost ever opening game of a road series this year but a mere two of them. Words can't explain it; so I won't try. Face the facts, the Red Sox suck on the road.

    Road Series- First game- series

    Friday, June 10, 2005

    Arroyo Gets Hammered.... Again

    Arroyo entered the game with a 3.89 ERA and left 4 innings later with a 4.54 ERA. Exactly a month ago was the last time the Red Sox won a game with Arroyo starting it. His ERA at that time was 2.19, now it is more than double that. Known for his long streak with out a recording a loss (17) now that is all the Arroyo has been posting.
    Obviously you never want to go out there and get embarrassed like I did today. That's the worst-case scenario you want. Going out there against a guy like Greg Maddux, to give him seven runs early, it's putting us in a hole that's going to be almost impossible to get out of most of the time." -- Bronson Arroyo

    Bronson Arroyo (L,4-3) 4.010770424.54
    Sucks to be You; huh?

    Wednesday, June 08, 2005

    In Case You Missed It

    10:00 pm Return from work (actually I left work 3 hours earlier and was at a bar) and walk my dog Pedro.

    10:15 Pour my first (home) beer, tune into the game and see Wells getting out of a scoreless and hitless first inning. The first thought that runs through my mind is that this is the repeat of the game usually show at midnight.

    10:17 After getting out of my work clothes I sit back down still confused by the fact that the game is just getting started.

    10:30 It is confirmed by the broadcasters that there was a 3 hour rain delay, I suddenly become excited by the simple fact I will have an entire game to keep me up late with good cause.

    10:49 With Wells pitching a perfect game into the third inning, I wonder if I will have to get off my "I hate David Wells Campaign" anytime soon.

    10:50 Taguchi gets a base hit and relieves me of such nonsensical thoughts as I get my second beer.

    11:16 Mueller gets a lead off hit, marking the third consecutive inning with the lead off man on, will it be the third inning with no runs to show for it? Damon strikes out to end the inning, as I wonder why he was selected to be on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy? This guy already waxed his chest, and invited his hair stylist to his honeymoon? If it wasn't for his hot wife I would be sure he was gay.

    11:29 I receive a call that is not game related, the call takes no less than 15 minutes and proceeded to interrupt/distracted me as the only 3 runs of the game score. ( I hope a few people are not reading this) Sox lead 3 nothing.

    11:45 I am pissed as I get my second beer, second beer? This has to be my third beer, I have already lost count.

    11:57 I take comfort in the fact that David Wells best start of the season will probably not be seen by most every Sox fan.

    12:12 The thought crosses my mind that Wells might be able to pitch a complete game shut out.

    12:27 Foulke starts to warm after Taguchi's second hit of the night.

    12:39 Renteria was about to go 1 for 12 for the entire series, instead he goes 2 for 13 and sends a homer over the center field wall to make it 4-0.

    12:41 My last beer, I think it was my forth (home) beer that was poured.

    12:42 Only one other baseball game is still being played (in San Francisco).

    12:52 Foulke does what he does best. Get two outs and then shit the bed as he gives up two hits.

    12:54 After coming in in a none save situation (4-0) Foulke goes all the way to being one pitch away from bringing the tying run to the plate. Sexy Results!
    Final 123456789RHE
    Boston 000003001490
    St. Louis000000000062

    David Wells (W,4-4) 8.04000205.07
    Keith Foulke 1.02000005.79

    Clement Gets Slammed

    Matt Clement (L,6-1) 4777122 3.79

    Jim Edmonds watches his first inning Slam-a-Lam-a Ding Dong off of Clement sail out of Bush Stadium Tuesday night. Clement gave up 7 runs to the Cardinals by the third inning, and secured his first loss of the season after just 4 innings of work.
    The one thing you hate to do is make it easy for the other pitcher because you know our team offensively is going to do the job. Unfortunately, I gave their pitcher a lot of wiggle room."-- Matt Clement 6-7-05
    St. Louis 24100020x990

    Tuesday, June 07, 2005

    A Big Thanks to Suppan is in Order

    It was a pivotal game, if Pedro didn't beat Suppan in game 3 anything could have happened. We know now Schilling was done and Lowe can always go either way. The turning point in game 3 was a base running error of Buckner like order. Thank you Jeff, and Tony LaRussa would you remind us how you felt after game three?
    Were in about a difficult spot as you can be, so all we can do is win tomorrow."

    Mr LaRussa what was up with Jeff Suppan not running home?
    Jeff heard 'NO NO', and he was yelling 'GO GO'"
    Did soup pitch well enough to win?
    Before we start pointing fingers at our pitching, we have missed opportunities to score. We are just getting beat."
    Ah sweet, sweet, memories.

    Sweepless in St Louis

    I felt like I pitched OK until that last inning and gave up a pretty cheap run, I think my last time out I didn't have good stuff, but the other starts I just couldn't catch a break."--Tim Wakefield

    Tim Wakefield (L,4-6) 5.2754430 5.13

    Wakefield has not won a game since May 9th, and not surprisingly has now lost five straight games. His ERA has climbed in the past month by nearly two runs (3.19 to 5.13). With Wells and Schilling seemingly being one start away from retirement it is not like Wakefield will be demoted to the bullpen any time soon, but a few more starts like this and any time soon may be sooner than you think.
    Final 123456789RHE
    St. Louis 030101021790

    Sunday, June 05, 2005

    Small Balls

    The Sox scored six runs Sunday and never hit a long ball. It looks like there are unintentionally getting tuned up for inter-league play. Only David Ortiz had 2 RBI the other four came from four other hits (Millar, Bellhorn, Mueller, and Olerud). In baseball terms I am not sure what 'grinding it out' is but it was apparent Sunday that the Red Sox 'out grinded' or would it be 'out ground' the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim? Lets just thank our lucky stars that Vladimir Guerrero was not in the line up to help his fellow grinders with all the grinding The L.A.A had to do this weekend, and don't forget about Lou Merloni, I hear he is a grinder as well, and he is currently grinding his way back from the DL in The OC as well. Maybe grinding means that your team can come back in the late innings after being down? If so one must thank Johnny Damon for doing the grinding Friday night and Bellhorn for starting the grinding Sunday afternoon. Millar's solo shot of a homer Saturday during the loss must not have grinded enough to spark more grinding.
    Wade Miller was the starter, who grinded it out for Sox all the way into the seventh. You gotta love when the starter can grind into the seventh. Even though Miller gave up three runs which tied the game (not exactly grind-tastic) he ground it out to get the job done. Mike Myers was on the mound during the inning when Bellhorn was grinding him self a sac fly... so it turned out Myers was the winner Sunday or perhaps the ultimate grinder.
    L.A. Angels0000111003100
    Boston 00030030x680

    Friday, June 03, 2005

    The Father Load

    Big Papi sent everyone home happy with a two out, come from behind, walk off homer to deep center.
    That's the only way I can get people to know who I am -- going out there and producing,"-- Ortiz
    Does any one in town not know who you are?
    A child that's just born today."--Ortiz

    Boston 100200003691
    [Foulke] did a lot of good things, I don't think Foulkie was very happy when he came into the dugout, but I don't think he was upset at the way he threw."--Terry Francona
    Keith Foulke (W,3-3) 1.1211200 6.48

    Thursday, June 02, 2005

    The Return of the Yeeh Yaah!!!

    The same inning that Francona benched Varitek for rest, in what appeared to the manager to be a blow out (7-0), Manny celebrated with his teammates after hitting a two run single. The Tito benching of Tek lead to Shop-Vac (Kelly Shoppach) coming up in the seventh with the bases loaded, representing the tying run, and proceeded to ground out to second. John Dennis from WEEI's Dennis and Callahan had some choice words for Tito this morning.
    He Sucks!"-- John Dennis describing Terry Francona
    Dennis went on to call him gutless and spineless; Mr Francona was benching Tek that early a mistake?
    If I said I regretted (the decision) I'd be wrong. I don't do anything without thinking it through, but, at the same time, I'm aware of the situation (Shoppach) came up in." -- Terry Francona

    Wednesday, June 01, 2005

    Millar: I know Mientkiewicz, and you're no Mientkiewicz

    Millar says he respects Olerud...
    Mientkiewicz ummm not so much
    I wasn't going to sit behind Doug Mientkiewicz," Millar said. "I can sit behind John Olerud, you know what I'm saying? There's a difference of a track record there. I learned from John Olerud. I mean, Doug Mientkiewicz, I love him to death ... I didn't think we were upgrading. Now, John Olerud and myself is a much better combination than just myself. I'll be fine. I'll get out of this sooner than later and everything will be OK. But right now, Olerud a day here and a day there makes it a better chance to win with certain matchups." --Kevin Millar

    The Contender: Johnny Damon

    I haven't had to go to that triangle to the wall for about three years, and I had two balls right there today. I was trying to stick my glove into the spot where I could make a catch, and unfortunately the wall caught my face. You guys should be interviewing the wall. I did some damage to it, pushed it back a couple inches.
    How much give is there in that wall?
    Well, you know there is a little more give than Damon Jackson head that's all I know. I feel great. I was having a little battle with Terry between the innings because I was putting the batting gloves on; I was getting ready to take my at bat. He asked me if I was alright and I was like 'yeah I am fine to hit.' The Skid pulled my eye socket out kind of, and we actually saw some bleeding. I was fine to keep going but I did not realize that I needed stitches. I plan to be back tomorrow. The only thing in question is probably my right knee, it got a little banged up and swelled up a little bit as the day or as the night went on. I plan to be back tomorrow.

    Did they check you for a concussion?
    Yeah they checked me for that, I had to know four words, let's see...blue, plane, tree, and grass. I still know those, I had to know those words and count some numbers but that turned out good. I got to try to find my skin on the wall tomorrow. I am going to call Terry tomorrow morning and give him the go ahead to put me in the line up, right now I feel fine, so I will be ready to go. I think those walls can talk, they would be a good interview.

    It would not shock me if he shows up ready to play tomorrow."--Terry Francona

    Boston 00004010x580