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    Friday, September 03, 2004


    Name a team that is playing better baseball then your Boston Red Sox? You can't, their nearest competor for the wild card is now 4.5 games back, and Texas has finaly taken the turn back to reality at 6 games.
    "Our owners put together a team capable of being the best team in baseball. We weren't showing that earlier. But you can feel it now. You can commend the moves we made and the moves we didn't make, but this team is coming together at the right time."
    Said Damon, who is once again the hotest player on the team batting .444 with 12 hits in his last 6 games.

    This is a special run that we are going on," said Wednesday's winner Derek Lowe. "Especially the time of year, we are getting clutch hits, the defense was phenomenal. We're having fun."

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