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    Thursday, September 09, 2004

    Advantage Pedro

    It was suppose to be a great pitching match up last night, and all too often that spells disaster for one of the stars. Wednesday night that disastrous star was Tim Hudson. Pedro pitched great, not too many strike outs, but this is the Pedro of new.
    "It's really nice to actually go out there and realize that you just have to throw strikes and make things happen," said Martinez. "Push the other team to come and get you. For an experienced guy like me, you pretty much are able to just get them to do what I want them to do at that point. Throw strikes, because that's what got Hudson in trouble, so I wanted to make sure I threw strikes."

    Pedro left after just six innings and a eight nothing lead. He gave up just two hits, no runs, and six strikeouts as he recorded his 16 victory of the season. With the win Pedro moves on to the top five league leader board for wins and ERA, and his contract negotiations just got more difficult.
    If the post season started today the Sox would play Oakland for a chance to reach the ALCS. The Sox have played the A's 9 times this year and won every game but one. Pedro how do you feel about the Sox playing the A's in the ALDS?
    They got us two games to nothing and we came back and beat them, so get used to it," he said of the 2003 division series.

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