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    Saturday, August 21, 2004

    Cabrera Flying High With Red Sox

    Cabrera continues to get it done on both sides of the diamond with a home run tonight and 4 more RBI, as he polished off a 10-1 victory for the Sox over the Pale Hoes. Orlando Cabrera was brought in as a low cost (compared to Nomar) replacement for Garciaparra who wasn't going to register an out every time he came up to bat. 20 some odd days after the trade they basically have preformed identical. Garciaparra has hit 3 home runs, Cabrera has hit two. Garciaparra has knocked in 11 runs, Cabrera the same. Cabrera has 4 errors and Garciaparra has 3. Pick your poison, I pick the player that isn't a total OCD freak, and that wont cost an extra 10 million a year to resign.


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