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    Saturday, July 17, 2004

    Ortiz Goes Batty

    Ortiz loses his shit after what looked to be a good strike call, gets tossed, and then tosses two bats in the direction of two umpires.
    Why did you do it David?
    If you saw Pedro's pitches, they were more than close, and nobody gave it to him. And if you don't call those pitches for Pedro, you shouldn't call that pitch against me," Ortiz said
    Francona had to wrestle Ortiz away from home plate umpire Matt Hollowell. Once tossed and pushed towards the dug out by Red Sox hands Ortiz then tossed two bats underhand towards two other field umpires. The bats bounced as one umpire had to move out of the way of being hit as the other stood his ground and was nearly hit.
    "That's not my personality. I don't mean to hit anybody, I just wanted to throw my bats out there, like, `Here, you hit for me.' I'm not a kind of guy who's trying to cause trouble, but we're not perfect. I did something wrong, and I apologize to the umpires and the fans. It's over."
    Is it over? A suspension will certainly follow.

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