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    Thursday, July 01, 2004

    Look Out Below!

    Red Sox drop to 7.5 games back as they come within 4 games of the Devil Rays
    It has become apparent now more than any time in history that the Red Sox are in need of a defensive first baseman. Personally I didn't know there were such a thing.
    Wakefield and the Sox held a 2-0 lead until the seventh inning, when errors and sloppy pitching cost them that lead.

    "In the seventh inning, the wheels kind of fell off," Wakefield said.

    Ortiz was responsible for all of Boston's RBI and one costly 2 run fielding error on a grounder to first.

    "I thought I had it. I was starting to go to first base, and I saw the ball missing. My glove was kind of soft. Maybe that's why it went through," Ortiz said. "We should've won the game."

    With that error what ever momentum the Sox had was all but lost and as the Yankee "slam the door in your face" wheels spun to close out the game and win the series.

    "We had them where we wanted them," said an emotional Terry Francona, Boston's manager. "We had our chances to extend the lead. This is a tough one. It hurts."

    Tonight the Sox will have a chance to climb back to 6.5 games or leave a broom filled Yankee Stadium 8.5 games out of first place in the AL East.

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