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    Saturday, July 10, 2004

    Home Cooked Roll

    Sox Make It Four In A Row At Home
    Win 7-0
    Johnny Damon stays red hot and knocks in 2 more home runs during Friday nights win over Texas. Four days after being 3 games out of first place in THE WILD CARD, the Sox take sole possession of the first place spot after sweeping the Athletics and then beating the other wild card contender the Texas Rangers. Damon managed four more hits and four more RBI. Just days after every panic button in town was pressed Damon offers a more relaxed tune.
    "It's going to be a nice race," Damon said. "Our main priority is to take care of ourselves. Go out there and win."

    The Red Sox fifth starter made short work of Texas' "potent" offense. Arroyo pitched 8 full innings and never gave up a run, he also managed to only allow the Rangers 3 hits on the day.
    "Every time you go out you think today's the day," Arroyo said. "I had a really good feeling in Atlanta. I thought that was gong to be the day I would get a win. You keep plugging away. I've been feeling good on the mound, and eventually I knew I was going to get one."



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