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    Wednesday, July 28, 2004

    Ace in a Hole

    Sox Drown 4-1 in Baltimore.
    Javy Lopez wrecks Schilling's shop and took him yard twice.
    "What can I say about that except it's a great feeling?" Lopez said.
    "Officer" Dave Brokowski some how out pitched the big Schilling.
    "Dave was awesome," Schilling said. "It was a game where I was going to have to outpitch him, and it didn't happen. Our offense generally scores a lot of runs for everybody. But he pitched a fantastic game tonight."
    It was an efficent game all around, which was aided by a free swinging Sox line up.
    "Just a bad game for us," said Red Sox center fielder Johnny Damon. "I'm not sure if they walked a batter or anything, that just goes to show you that we were swinging out of the zone a little bit, therefore it's a quicker game."

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    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Yeah Schiling was in the hole, who cares... I'm glad he lost! More and more excuses by The Red Sox on why they lost the game.

    5:12 AM, July 29, 2004  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Why be glad he lost? and for once,this team doesn't need excuses, they just plain got beat...it will happen, or did you expect them to run the table from here out?

    Musings From RSN

    8:26 AM, July 29, 2004  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I'm guessing was sitting in the dugout crying again "how he the 'Great Savior' has let his team down"! Schilling fits into Boston perfectly... all the players have their own corny niche.

    1:34 PM, July 29, 2004  

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