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    Thursday, July 30, 2009

    Ortiz is on the List

    Thursday July 30 2009 the New York Times reports the David Ortiz was in fact on the list of players that tested positive for performance enhancement drugs in 2003

    "I tell you, I don't know too much about steroids, but I started listening about steroids when they started to bring that [expletive] up, and I started realizing and getting to know a little bit about it. You've got to be careful. I used to buy a protein shake in my country. I don't do that anymore because they don't have the approval for that here, so I know that, so I'm off buying things at the GNC back in the Dominican Republic."-- Ortiz on steroids in 07

    Fast forward to today.

    "I'm not talking about that anymore, I have no comment."-- Ortiz on steroids 07/30/09

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