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    Monday, September 17, 2007

    You Have Spoken

    Last week I asked members of The Boston Blogger Nation to stand up and vote for a friend of mine to be elected President of Red Sox Nation. You, the army of The Boston Blogger Nation should be very proud of yourself as my request was granted and your voice was heard. Doris Kearns Goodwin advanced to the "second round" of voting and it was all thanks to you. Okay maybe not all thanks but mostly thanks to you. Okay maybe in part thanks to you, but you did it! One battle victory does not win the war my friends. We must march on and push Doris Kearns Goodwin all the way into the diamond office of the Red House. How can we do this you ask? It is simple my friends click this link. Yes that is it, well click on the link, and then read what Doris is saying today, and then tell your mother and father to do the same, and then post a comment on Doris's blog, and then your friends to click on the link, and then tell your parents to share their thoughts on her blog as well, but don't tell your friends to share their thoughts on the blog because lets be honest you have stupid friends.
    With that simple click you will be casting your support for our commander and chief and the popularity of her blog will determine the fate of our nation and not just our nation but the fate of Red Sox Nation as well. Go forward strong warriors and forward this post to everyone you know and forward your browser to http://doriskearnsgoodwin.mlblogs.com

    Yours truly,
    The Boston Blogger

    Don't Chose Change Choose History


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