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    Thursday, April 21, 2005

    Yankees Sign Another Highest Paid Player

    Apparently the slow start was all George Steinbrenner could handle and he is set out to solve this problem the same way he solves all of his problems, with his checkbook. Having the highest paid player in baseball was not enough. According to sources the New York Yankees have one uped themselves signing a player to a record 30 million dollars this year. Not much is known about the Yankees latest signing, only his name is officaly listed on their books as Mr. Tax, Luxury. It is not known what position Mr Tax will play, but it is speculated that he is a top New Zealand criket bowler.

    Player Photo Luxury Tax #00 | Starting Pitcher | New York Yankees
    Height: ? Weight: ?
    Bats: ?Throws: ?
    Salary: $30,637,531
    College: NA
    Draft: NA
    Team Logo

    The list gets longer...

    1. Alex Rodriguez25,705,118
    2. Derek Jeter19,600,000
    3. Mike Mussina19,000,000
    4. Kevin Brown15,714,286
    5. Randy Johnson15,419,815
    6. Jason Giambi13,428,571
    7. Bernie Williams12,357,143
    8. Gary Sheffield11,496,689
    9. Jorge Posada11,000,000
    10. Mariano Rivera10,500,000


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