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    Wednesday, April 27, 2005

    Whats the DL?

    Curt Schilling goes on the DL with more ankle trouble, and this time it could be for a while. Tuesday Wells went on the DL for what might be 6 weeks or more. When a player goes on the DL you want to have that player back as soon as possible, so most teams place their star players on the DL retroactive back to the furthest point possible so the player can rejoin the team as soon as possible. That would mean the Sox would have put Schilling on the DL retroactive back to Saturday the 23, enabling him to come off the DL on May 8th. However the Sox decided to put Curt on the DL after today's game (April 27) making Curt's earliest return May 12. Suggesting that there is a good chance he won't be ready to go on that date, otherwise they wouldn't have picked today's date.

    Curt is this something you felt during games?
    Yeah, just in the last start. I knew on the pitch when I did it.

    I have not had the feel in my legs and my arm I rely on to big consistent. When I warmed up the other day I was as bad felt in a long long time. I went out there I was going to have to move the ball and have to locate at what ever velocity I had, I couldn't keep doing that after the first two innings and I wasn't sure really why. So this answered some questions for me.

    Will you stay here in Boston?
    No I will go with the team.

    Note the Everquest II hat, look out Norath here comes the big Curt.


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