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    Sunday, April 03, 2005

    Oh Wells

    Wells came undone in the third inning as he gave up three runs, walking people and balking in a run. Terry Francona told the press prior to the game that he wasn't going to worry about Wells walking people or balking, go figure. Wells pitching against his favorite team, in front of his favorite fans? If you ask the Boston Blogger Wells is still on Steinbrenner's payroll while in Yankee stadium. The Boston Blogger saw this coming and placed money on the Yankees winning the first game of the series.
    The last time Wells played in Yankee stadium in a uniform without pinstripes was actually cheered when he took the mound. Not this year, Wells was boo-ed emphatically by Bronx patrons, which certainly didn't give him any mental edge.
    It's just a little different for anybody who's worn a Yankee uniform to all of a sudden wear a Red Sox uniform. It's happened a number of times before. Especially David having two stints here and knowing what the rivalry is and all of a sudden being on the other side of it, I'm sure it's going to be a little strange for him." New York manager Joe Torre said before the game.

    The Red Sox have now lost opening day 5 years in a row, and if Pedro is starting for the Mets you should bet on the Mets losing opening day as well.
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