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    Wednesday, March 30, 2005

    I Gladly Trade You a Sack of Crap for another Sack of Crap

    In a move reminiscent to getting rid of Carl Everett, the Red Sox unloaded their Korean bomb to Colorado in exchange for Charles Johnson (a washed up catcher) who they immediately released! Think about that. They wanted to be rid of Byung-Hyun Kim so bad they took a player that they didn't want even more than Kim. Is that even possible? Well not exactly since they also received a minor league left-handed pitcher Chris Narveson. The full article has more of the numbers behind the deal but this was nothing more than taking the retarded step child out behind the tool shed, hitting him over the head with a shovel until he stopped moving for good, and then never speaking his name again. PR spinster Theo Epstein had this to say about the original contract he offered Kim (2 years 10 million dollars).
    We certainly made a mistake and I take responsibility for that"

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