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    Saturday, December 11, 2004

    Sox Contract Wells : 2 years 8 Million

    According to Wells agent Gregg Clifton the Red Sox offered Wells a one-year contract on Friday which the declined but the Boston Globe reports that Clifton and his 41-year-old pitcher agreed to a two year deal with incentives and bonuses reaching 18 million dollars.

    Wells is the pitcher who Babe Ruth is his idol. He claims Ruth leaving the Red Sox saved baseball. He has said repeatedly that he hates Fenway Park and wouldn't mind if the place was blown up.

    His Record at Fenway is not good, in 23 starts he has won 10 games and lost just as many with a 4.87 ERA giving up 24 longballs along the way.

    When Theo Epstein was asked if Wells outspoken and boisterous attitude would fit in in the clubhouse he said...

    "No, we don't have any guys like that."

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