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    Saturday, December 04, 2004

    McDonough Done? Orsillo In

    In times of great change for Red Sox Nation one thing will remain the same next year, Don Orsillo will be back along the side of the Rem Dog calling play by play. On Friday 12/3 Orsillo singed a two-year contract with the Red Sox and NESN, and will call the games broadcasted on cable TV. It is not known if he will call all of the games NESN produces this coming year.
    The fate of outspoken veteran broadcaster Sean McDonough is unclear. After NESN announced that Orsillo and Tom Caron will be back they only had,
    I don't know anything of that,'' NESN spokesman Gary Roy
    to say when questioned if McDonough would be back. The Boston Herald reports that NESN executives do not plan on renewing McDonough's contract.
    The loss of McDonough will be more of a sentimental blow than anything else. The long time voice of the Red Sox McDonough was a fan favorite but not necessarily a favorite of the players or management. Nomar made it clear that he did not like McDonough's 'tell it like it is' style of game calling. In the days following Nomar's comments to the press, McDonough fired back at Nomar on the air after Garciaparra had a bad at bat and continued to struggle saying "what am I suppose to say 'he had some good cuts up there? You'll get em next time?'" Sean made it clear on the air that he was not sad to see Nomar leave once being traded to the Cubs.
    He was always miserable." McDonough on Nomar's tenure with the Red Sox
    McDonough called a mere 28 games last year down from calling the majority of the 162 games a few years ago. Traditionally an over the air broadcaster, McDonough's airtime was reduced since NESN had begun broadcasting the majority of Sox games two years ago. McDonough is no stranger to looking for new jobs. Over the years he has worked for a myriad of networks including CBS, ABC, and ESPN as well as a handful of local affiliates broadcasting the Red Sox games throughout the 90's. A couple years ago he turned down an offer to call play by play for the Mets citing quality of life issues after a talk with his father.


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