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    Tuesday, December 07, 2004

    Where Are They Now

    Nomar Garciaparra stayed with the Chicago Cubs,
    and the Boston Red Sox made arbitration offers to Pedro Martinez
    and several other World Series stars Tuesday, the first big
    deadline of the offseason for teams and free agents.
    Garciaparra agreed to an $8 million, one-year contract to remain
    with the Cubs, the team that acquired him from the Red Sox at the
    end of July. If he stays healthy, he could make up to $11 million
    with Chicago.
    I really loved playing there, I really loved the experience I
    had in the short time I was there," he said. "I just felt Chicago
    is the best place for me. I'm looking forward to going out there
    and, hopefully, turning this into a long-term relationship."

    Chicago also agreed to a $2.5 million, one-year contract with
    second baseman Todd Walker. Philadelphia agreed to a $5.25 million,
    two-year deal with left-hander Rheal Cormier.


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