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    Friday, June 05, 2015

    Worst of the Worst

    The Red Sox have had two really bad seasons in recent years (2012, 2014). In fact those seasons weren't just really bad they were the worst possible as the Sox ended the season in last place. We recently moved past the 1/3 of a season mark and it is time to assess this season. It is starting to feel like winter is coming and another really bad season is upon us. Which season started of worse? The Bobby V chicken and beer year of 2012? The faceless hit-less last year? Or is this years version of the Red Sox off to the worst of the worst start?
    Interesting to see that the 2012 Bobby V team was the only team above .500 at this stage, and not exactly comforting to know that the 2015 team is a full 10 games behind 2012's 1/3 of a season mark.