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    Thursday, April 21, 2005

    Garciaparra Obtains New Title

    You can now call Nomar Garciaparra "Oft-injured". Its official Nomar is now one of those players, the players where their talent is only exceeded by their propensity to be sidelined by an injury. The chief reason he was not kept with the Sox last year was his always acting up aching Achilles was keeping him from playing every day. Prior to that it was a wrist injury which essentially took him out for a full season, and now it is a groin injury that might do just the very same thing.

    That's my fear...I've strained my groin before [on the right side last year] but never felt anything like this. I'll know more [today]. I haven't had any tests done other than preliminary feeling around. But I don't like to get carried off the field first of all. That kind of drives me crazy." Garciaparra said

    He turned down a 4-year deal with the Sox only to be offered a 1-year deal by the Cubs. A one-year deal to prove to the Cubs or other potential MLB suitors that he could stay healthy and play every day for an entire season. Proof positive.


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