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    Thursday, July 08, 2004

    A's Holes

    Red Sox Rout Reloaded
    Sox post an 11 spot for the second night as the A's drop out of first place in an 11-3 loss. The sox now trail the A's by one game in the wild card.
    Damon and Garciaparra picked Pedro up for the Sox second win in a row (the first since June 18th). Can the make it 3 in a row with Schilling tonight? Pedro struck out 7th and gave up 2 earned runs over seven. Nomar and Bellhorn go deep with solo shots to give the Pedro the early lead. Damon continues to be pistol hot, hitting .452 over the past 7 days. Pedro is now on pace for 18 wins this season, which calculates out to be about 970,000 dollars per victory. An 18 win season would keep Pedro a top free agency commodity over the off season, how does that make you feel Pedro?

    "Physically, I feel great," said Martinez. "That's as good news as you can have right now. Going into the second half, I haven't missed a start yet. I feel great going into the second half. I'm getting ready to pick it up in the second half and see what we can do."

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