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    Tuesday, December 21, 2010

    The Greatest Story Never Told


    A website states that Carl Crawford is set to open antique book store in Boston.

    With a new $142 million dollar contract with the Boston Red Sox, outfielder Carl Crawford can now pursue his decades-long dream of running an antiquarian bookstore. After being introduced by the Red Sox in Boston last week, Crawford immediately stepped into the car of his real estate agent, investigating possible locations.

    Carl Confirmed the story on his twitter account stating

    Yes, for those asking I am going to open a bookstore. Details to come."--Carl Crawford
    A few days later he deleted the tweet and retracted his statment.
    Everyone, just so you know the bookstore thing was a joke. Sorry that the
    sarcasm didn't carry over the internet."
    Bookstore or no bookstore it looks like Crawford will entertain Boston fans on and off the field.
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