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    Tuesday, October 30, 2007

    They Came, They Won, They Partied

    What happened in Colorado after the Sox left Coors field Sunday night?
    This comes to you from the Denver Post:
    The Boston Red Sox partied Sunday night like champs.

    The team wandered around the infield of Coors Field after their sweep for about 90 minutes, soaking in the out-of-town love. Then they headed to The Palm for a real celebration.

    Maroon 5, which played Monday and plays again tonight at the Fillmore, was in the restaurant earlier for dinner and agreed to play for free at the party - if they could hang out, being big Boston fans.

    The Palm was expecting about 200 people - and only if the Sox won. So the staffers didn't have much time to prepare for the fete, which drew about 500 people.

    "You could hardly move," said assistant manager Shana Broback. "It was pretty crazy in here."

    When the team came in around midnight, Maroon 5 broke into "We Are the Champions." The joint went wild. The band followed it up with its hits "This Love" and "Harder to Breathe."

    The entire team was at the party - except Manny Ramirez, who doesn't care for these things. Big Papi climbed onto a table to deliver an expletive-laden speech to teammates and fans. The crowd ate finger food and crab cakes, washed down with champagne, wine, beer and plenty of Grey Goose. Stars in the mob included Rene Russo and Bostonian Michael Chiklis, star of "The Shield."

    The party didn't break up until 4 a.m. At least we sent the Sox home with hangovers.

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