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    Wednesday, August 10, 2005

    The Return of the Corn Rows

    For the second time this season Bronson Arroyo has decided to break a slump with his infamous corn rows. The first time they were short lived and didn't work, this time who knows? If Arroyo continues to pitch like he did on Wednesday night they will be keeping Bronson looking like Bo Derek for some time to come.

    Bronson Arroyo (W,10-7) 7.17441404.28

    The story of the night was 5.5. No not the alcohol content of Bud Ice, but lead the Red Sox have in the AL East over the Yankees. The only thing better than beating the Yankees in the ALCS is beating them straight up for the AL East pennant. This may be the year.

    Boston <00050029x16150

    The Sox scored more runs in the eight inning than any team in majors scored in nine innings Wednesday night, except for Florida which scored 10 runs in nine innings.


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