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    Thursday, September 30, 2004

    Number 2 Starter Needed, Apply Within.

    Pedro has now lost four games in a row. There was no bad luck involved, he has just plane sucked his last four outings. Two losses to the Yankees, and two losses to the Devil Rays of all teams. Pedro are the reports of your demise premature?
    "I'm not concerned at all," Martinez said after the loss damaged Boston's slim chances of winning the AL East. "I would like the results to be better, but I'm healthy and I feel great. I just have to continue to pitch and work hard. Hopefully in the playoffs, it will be different."
    Martinez who stated mater of fact-ly earlier in the year that he would test free agency after this season has now changed his tune with the Sox winning and Petey losing.
    There's no need to go anywhere. I'm going to give them a chance," Martinez said.

    "I'm actually positive. I'm thinking I'm going to sign with Boston again. I just hope they don't disrespect me or anything while we're negotiating. That would be my turning point."
    Martinez has been a honey pot of quotes of late. Two weeks ago when he was slated to pitch the first game of the playoffs he stated that he would like to see any one tell him that he wasn't pitching the first game of the playoffs. Three losses later his story has changed once again.
    "He was the No. 1 pitcher from the get-go. He deserves to be the No. 1 starter," Martinez said. "I actually should pitch like fifth, or maybe not even pitch in the playoffs, if I continue to pitch the way I have."
    Pedro Martinez (L,16-9) 51065150 3.90
    Mike Myers 1100110 4.35
    Byung-Hyun Kim 1.1222100 7.71
    Alan Embree 0.1111001 4.26
    Mike Timlin 0.1000000 4.10

    Don't get too far ahead of yourself Mr Flip Flop.


    Blogger Shakespeare's Pizza said...

    At one point in the season I couldn't tell the difference between Roger Clemens and Pedro Martinez. What is it with the red sox and superstars?! The guy gave up after losing to the yankees. He gave up to the yankees! Nothing short of winning the world series can make him earn my respect (as if he cares). Good thing our backup guy was the 2001 World series Co-MVP.


    10:23 PM, September 30, 2004  

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