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    Tuesday, September 21, 2004

    Hello Wild Card

    The Yankees lost Monday night, and every time that happens it should be big news as an opportunity to gain some ground prior to this weekend series. Opportunity lost. The Wakefield and the Sox got shelled, not as bad as the yanks 11-1 loss, but does 9-6 feel any better?

    Its' beginning to feel a lot like last year, remember last year the was a tiny mild push for the AL East, then the team sputtered out about a month to go and Fenway faithful were pumped just to secure the wild card? No different, maybe the amount of time left until we default to the wild card was about a week later this year, but no difference.

    ``Starting this series, I know how important it was for me,'' said Wakefield (11-10). ``I'm disappointed that I let us down, very disappointed.''

    The last time Wakefield won more than 11 games in a year was 1998, this year when he reached 11 wins on August 29th, nearly everyone felt certain he would eclipse that mark this year. Maybe not. Wakefield will probably get another start this year, but the way he has been pitching and the Sox have been playing, a 12 victory is far from certain.
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