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    Wednesday, August 25, 2004

    Mirabelli Does What He Always Does...

    ...and that is catch for Wakefield, but he doesn't always get the game winning three run homer. Tuesday night he did just that after Varitek dropped his appeal for his suspension on Sunday when the Sox got to within six games behind the Yankees. He began his four game suspension Monday. Pedro was forced to pitch without his hombre Varitek catching his balls on Monday and tossed up a lose in the process. Tuesday the Sox trailed Toronto 3-2 in the sixth when the sixth spot (Varitek's normal spot) came up in the order. Mirabelli knocked a three run shot out off of the poet Batista.
    It's a challenge to keep us going in my position, knowing what an impact Jason has on this team," Mirabelli said. "To come in here and contribute and help win a ballgame, while he has to sit out for four days, that is a challenge I knew I had ahead of me and I welcome it."
    Wakefield got the win despite giving up 3 runs in four innings. Mirabelli is traditionally Wakefield's catcher so in essence the four game suspension is really just a three game suspension. In fact at this time of the season to give a work horse like Varitek four days off is probably more of a blessing the anything else.
    'Tek is swinging the bat well and I think he's going to swing it well coming out of it," Francona said. "Four days off will do wonders for his body. I think that's the way we view this -- we're going to turn this into a positive and we did tonight."

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