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    Monday, August 30, 2004

    Coming Soon to a Ballpark Near You

    On Wednesday the Red Sox can expand their roster size from 25 to 40. Who will show up? This is who the good people at redsox.com think will be making the drive up from RI.
    Pedro Astacio, starting pitcher, 0-1, 4.15 ERA (Triple-A Pawtucket)
    Yes, that Pedro Astacio. The Sox signed the veteran right-hander to a minor league contract at the end of June, and Astacio (118-109 lifetime in the Major Leagues) continues to build up arm strength following surgery. The Sox have stretched Astacio out of late, so he could be an emergency starter, and at the very least, a long reliever.

    Byung-Hyun Kim, relief pitcher, 2-5, 5.09 (Pawtucket)
    The side-winding right-hander, who is earning $5 million this season, was demoted by the Red Sox on May 11 and never resurfaced. Now, he probably will. Kim has been battling all year to regain the explosiveness of his pitches. Though not all the way back, the Sox feel Kim can be an effective situational righty out of the 'pen. With Scott Williamson likely out for the season, Kim's re-entry could prove to be important.

    Andy Dominique
    , catcher/first base, .265, 15 HRs, 68 RBIs (Pawtucket)
    The Sox liked Dominique's attitude and versatility when he was with the club earlier in the season. What makes Dominique most useful as a callup is the fact he can catch. He also holds his own from the right side of the plate.

    Brian Daubach, first base.outfield, .273, 21 HRs, 76 RBIs (Pawtucket)
    Because the Sox already have a plethora of players who can play first and the corner outfield spots, Daubach's main value to the club would be as a left-handed pinch-hitter. Daubach, who hit 20-plus homers in four different seasons with the Sox, is a popular player in Boston. While some players in his position would have sulked, Daubach has stayed focused and had a nice year at Pawtucket.

    Earl Snyder, third base, .273, 33 homers, 95 RBIS (Pawtucket)
    The veteran minor leaguer is having his best season as a professional. He was with the Sox for two days in August after Youkilis went on the disabled list. The native of Connecticut would be thrilled to spend the final weeks of the season with the Sox.

    Adam Hyzdu, outfield, .300, 29 homers, 77 RBIs (Pawtucket)
    In a normal year, it would be highly beneficial to have a 32-year-old hitter like Hyzdu as a callup. But the Red Sox are loaded in the outfield, and might find it unnecessary for Hyzdu to rust away on the bench.

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