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    Friday, August 31, 2018

    David Ortiz Fires Back

    Big Papi took to Instagram to fire back about claims from a new book written by a former Red Sox security employee and MLB investigator that states Ortiz was linked to an individual who gambled on baseball and bet against the Sox in 2005. This is a big nothing burger as the author admits he doesn't have any evidence suggesting that Ortiz bet on baseball, in fact to the contrary,  but one of Ortiz's friends ("Monga") did. Ortiz posted to instagram to send a message to his fan base and the author.

    I wasnt gonna comment on this episode but someone outta nowhere once again try to diminish my image just to sell a couple books…jus for some $$ in his pocket. MLB do a hell of a job letting us know as a player the importance of NOT betting on baseball…especially after pete rose. I have been a player that has been extremely blessed…not only with the love of the fans, but also with lots of $$$. And im SMART ENOUGH to not get caught in some BS like that….trust me!!! im doing this NOT because of u who wrote the book, im doin this for my fans to have peace of mind, cuz y’all deserve that. if i had been involved in anything related to gambling in 2005, my career wouldn’t have ended in 2016….MLB woulda gotten rid of me ASAP, cuz MLB don’t play that!!!! Ill leave this here...remember, you knock me down 10 time, I’ll learn how to get up 11. TRUST. GOD BLESS AMERICA. -- David Ortiz


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