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    Tuesday, May 23, 2006

    Well Well Wells


    It is not unusual for David Wells to make obnoxious statments or be outspoken, but normally he says these things when he is actually pitching for a major league team and winning a few games here and there. Not this time, however. It would not surprise me if Wells didn't win a single game this year which is annoying enough but to then pop off about other major league players who are actually playing and helping their teams is unacceptable. Some of David's recent highlights...

    He's admitted taking it, but not knowingly. I think that's a crock... He's hit a few home runs off me while he was juiced. Look at him, the man is enormous... He's got to deal with it, not me." -- Wells on Bonds

    Did you see that little bitty guy, Dellucci, hit 29 last year? How many this year? One? I know Dave. I've never suspected him of doing them. Who else? Biggio. To me, the suspicion is on everybody." -- Wells on David Dellucci

    Wells will get his chance to silence his critics by winning a game this Friday in Tampa, the only problem is that he is going against Scott Kazmir who is half the age and weight of Wells but already twice the pitcher.


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