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    Friday, October 27, 2017

    The Entirely Forgettable Alex Cora Years

    The Entirely Forgettable Alex Cora Years

    Alex Cora played three full seasons with the Red Sox and half a season in 2005 when he was traded midseason to the Sox from Cleveland (for Ramón Vázquez). Four seasons in a Red Sox uniform is not a very short period of time but you probably don't remember too much from the defensive infielder's tenure so here is a recap. 
    In the three full seasons with the Sox he played in about half the games each season (AVG 84).  
    He came up to bat for the Sox nearly 800 times. Over that time period, he had 176 hits, 28 doubles, 11 triples, and 6 homers. 
    He hit zero homers in his last full season with the Sox (2008). 
    He walked 48 times and struck out 77. 
    He was intentionally walked 4 times. 
    He had 1 World Series plate appearance and recorded a sacrifice hit. 
    He started 6 games at third base. 
    He turned 158 double plays and committed 23 errors. His fielding percentage was about .800
    His Sox career ended in 2008 one year after Dustin Pedroia earned rookie of the year. 
    The Sox paid him 5.4 million dollars for his 3 full seasons. 

    There you have it. Some entirely unremarkable stats about the Red Sox next manager. 


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