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    Friday, October 05, 2012

    Bobby Valentines 12 Step Program

    Bobby Valentine's 12 Step Program to Getting Fired

    1. Increase the length of spring training workouts.
    2. Dance like an idiot.
    3. Ban beer in the clubhouse.
    4. Get publicly flogged by the media.
    5. Insist all players will ride buses to and from away spring training games.
    6. Go back on your own bus rule with Beckett limo.
    7. Call out Youkilis's effort.
    8. Get thrown under the bus by Pedroia.
    9. Create wrong lineup based on cell phone research.
    10. Threaten radio host that he would punch him in the mouth.
    11. Have your players call for a meeting/blast you with the ownership group.
    12. Win 69 games.



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