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    Thursday, March 08, 2007

    Computer Geeks

    If you are like me you can never hear enough from Curt Schilling. It appears his IQ might be slightly higher than the average ball player but at times he says things that makes you wonder if he has any intelligence at all. I won't go as far as saying that he is a verbal train wreck waiting to happen but if he were a train he probably would be the Acela. Curt now has more trains leaving the station with his new personal "official" blog "38pitches.com".

    Feast your eyes on such literal gems:
    So that’s where we stand today. I have the Twins again on Thursday, and then we’ll move to four days off between starts. I’m pretty sure I won’t see any AL East teams on the schedule, which means I’ll get to see Major League hitters for all my starts. That’s a good thing.

    He was nervous as hell, had some trouble breathing, which was awesome to hear. He was throwing 88-90 his first time out with good command, which was all icing on the cake for me.

    My thought as the pitch is being called is, “OK, anything but a fastball here.” Tek puts down fastball in, I shake no. Tek puts it down again, which means he feels great about the pitch. At this point the ONLY thing to do is commit to the pitch and throw it as I called it or step off. I do neither. Mentally I think no, but physically I nod yes. In the middle of my windup I’m thinking, “OK, you idiot, why the hell are you throwing this pitch?” About ten seconds later, when the ball lands over the left-field wall, I’m dropping words I’d put soap in my kids’ mouths for saying.

    38pitches story


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