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    Wednesday, May 15, 2019


    David Ortiz Big Papi's new Kingsford grilling ad.


    Blogger Unknown said...

    Hi Red Sox Fans,
    I would just like to leave a comment about the 2019 Red Sox team and management. After watching this team since the start of the 2019 season, it appears that there are several areas of concern, mainly their pitching staff. The starters are not doing what they should be capable of doing, shutting down the opposition. The bullpen is sickening. They really need to think about cleaning house with many of the relivers. They are deplorable to say the least.I also think when it comes to the Manager Alex Cora, his timing concerning when to change a pitcher seems to me that he definitely waits too long before removing a pitcher. I realize he has not much to choose from when it comes to selecting a relief pitcher to come in from the bullpen, however, timing is of the essence, and he definitely, in my opinion, is waiting too long to replace these terrible relief pitchers. Maybe ownership needs more hands on when it comes to moving forward on obtaining a good bullpen reliver, they need to act to upgrade the bullpen immediately. I just feel this team is not performing up to what they are capable of doing. From first place world series Champions, to this sorry effort of a team, leaves many Red Sox fans very frustrated. Hope this team can somehow regroup and do a much better job in the second half of the season. I can hear in the back ground that the Yankee's a destroying the Sox's in London. Time for management and ownership to react accordingly.

    1:37 PM, June 30, 2019  

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