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    Thursday, March 29, 2012

    Valentine's 12 Step Program: Step 4

    This step is less of Bobby Valentine's step to getting fired it is a public flogging from a high profile public figure; which is exactly why he got canned in New York. So enter step 4 (public flogging #1)

    I thought that the manager that managed the Mets that I was not a big fan of was now going to be a different manager, and I don't think there's anything different at all. And I don't think that that is going to be conducive to doing well here. There's a lot of things I think that are happening not just from his perspective, but when you talk to these guys -- and I'm still talking to some of these guys -- I don't think this is going well. And I think it's going bad quicker than I expected it to." Curt Schilling 3/27/12

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