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    Wednesday, April 13, 2005

    Lowe Red Sox Jersey Keeps People Talking

    Just the facts: Derek Lowe and Dave Roberts run out onto the field to claim his World Series ring on Monday while wearing a Red Sox uniform jersey top. It is not every day that you see a big leaguer hanging with another team then their current one, and it is even rarer that you see pro players wearing a jersey of one of his former teams. But those facts do not make it unacceptable to do just that in the right situation. The Red Sox have never won a World Series in my life or yours so there is no precedent to base any judgment on what is right or wrong. That was Monday afternoon, then late that night on some ESPN programming block you have never heard of "Trifecta" the boys (Harold Reynolds, John Kruk) at Baseball Tonight decided to say that Lowe was out of line wearing a Red Sox jersey. The never bothered to say anything about Dave Roberts, but they did say that in their time "the old school" (1983 - 1994, and 1986 - 1995 respectively) this would have never have happened. Tuesday rolls around and not much is in the papers or on sports talk radio until people get off their asses and get around to watching some of the replays of Baseball Tonight. Surprised by the negative comments Lowe offered a simple statement Tuesday night.
    The jersey was made for that ceremony,"

    Insinuating that he was asked to wear it and it would have been disrespectful if he chose not to wear it. Wednesday night on NESN's pregame show Dennis Eckersley (1975-98) and Gordon Edes (Red Sox beat writer)decided to make some friends in Bristol.

    He isn't catching any heat back in California; you don't hear Jim Tracy complain about it, you don't hear any guys in the Dodgers club house complain about it. Talk about your media driven controversy, the only reason we are talking about this is John Kruk, and Harold Reynolds talking about this on ESPN and said that Derek Lowe showed bad judgment wearing a Red Sox jersey. Eck your old school, those guys are old school, they are claiming 'we are old school we would never do that'". Edes
    They are old school? Did John Kruk ever win anything? No, no, they lost, and Harold Reynolds won nothing in Seattle so spare me, what do they got to talk about?" Eck


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