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    Wednesday, October 28, 2009

    So You Thought You Knew Josh Beckett

    Josh Beckett Checks in and Talks About the Off Season

    Question:What is your favorite thing to do in the off season?
    Beckett: Relax and spend time down at my Ranch
    Question:Josh, was wondering what you do in the off-season besides deer hunting?
    Answer: I enjoy relaxing during the offseason and I spend quite a bit of time on my Ranch as well as traveling to some other places to Hunt. I have Season tickets to the San Antonio Spurs where my home for the off season is located so I try to make a few games as well.
    Question:You're deer hunting & can only take one gun: What do you take? Rifle or shotgun? Remington, Ruger, Browning, NE, Mossberg...?
    Beckett: Rifle, Browning 300 Short Mag
    Question:If you weren't a pitcher, what would be your second choice on a career?
    Beckett: I would be a hunting guide

    Q&A Via SawxHeads

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