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    Wednesday, July 21, 2004

    The Big Boys Get it Done

    Manny and Ortiz: Dueling Ding Dongs
    Sox Win 9-7
    Sox Post a snow man in the 4th to give Lowe some breathing room, and another start in the rotation. Lowe lasts only 5 innings and gives up 4 earned runs. That is not what they call in the business a quality start.
    "Throwing an inning like that together is huge," manager Terry Francona said following the victory. "If you can put a crooked number up you've got a great chance of winning. Today's a perfect example of that. That was our one inning. It was enough, barely, but it was enough."
    Foulke doesnt' Foulke up the 9th for a change
    "The team bounced back," closer Keith Foulke said. "They put up a lot of runs. That's what we need to do a lot more.I felt better today than I did yesterday,I wasn't fighting myself mechanically and it was easier to throw."



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